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Class Five

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well in this current situation we are in. Here you will find the daily activities that I will be setting for the children. I am sure you will appreciate the importance of completing these tasks at home and keeping busy in this unpredictable time. We appreciate all your hard work in supporting your children's learning from home. Thank you!


Suggested Weekly Timetable

English Monday - Purple Mash 

Write a play script for a conversation that may have happened between Irena and the Wolman parents. 

Think about:

They're stage directions, how are they saying it, where are they stood?

What they are saying?

Does the conversation make sense?


You can use this link below to help:


If you need a recap on the story there is a version of the story on youtube.


SPAG - Purple Mash - Prefixes

English - Tuesday 

Complete the comprehension below and email me over your answers. 

SPAG - Prefix Quiz - Purple Mash

English - Wednesday - Purple Mash 

Watch the video from youtube.


Can you write a conversation between the teacher and the policeman. Think about:

What you think they may have been saying?

Check the conversation flows and makes sense?

Are they saying something that is relevant to the story?



Check Purple Mash email for log ins or email the address below and I will send your log in. 

English - Thursday - Comprehension - Purple Mash

Watch the video again.


Open purple mash labelled 'Thursday Comprehension'. The activity asks you to write about what you think the two characters are thinking and feeling. You must use evidence from the video to support your reasons.

SPAG - Expanded Noun Phrases 

Open the document below. Using an image from the 'Titanium' music video, write as many expanded noun phrases as you can. Please email these to me.


Please watch this video below which will recap what an expanded noun phrase is and how to write them.

English- Friday - Witness Statement - Purple Mash

Write a witness statement from the view of the police officer. Use the document below to help you. 

SPAG - - Logins have been sent to you via Purple Mash 2email

Task is set for Expanded Noun Phrases.

Re-watch the video to help you

Weekly Spellings

Suggested Weekly Activities

If you have any questions please email me on however please note:

  • Communication must only take place between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on weekdays in term time
  • Communication must only relate to work set
  • We envisage that this means of communication will only be in place during the period of disruption caused by Coronavirus.


Supporting your child at home


The following links will take you to Espresso and Purple Mash. Both contain numerous resources for supporting your child in all areas of the school curriculum. Individual log-in details can be found in children's reading records. For further information about the curriculum please go to the Curriculum section of the school website.