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Class Five

Welcome to Class Five

We would like to welcome everyone to the Class Five page. The staff in our class are looking forward to the Spring Term.

Your teachers are:-

Miss Wright (Class Teacher)

Mr. Evans (Teacher)

Mrs Bevin (Teacher)

Miss Furlong (Teaching Assistant)


Our Spring class topic is ‘Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans'. This is predominantly a History topic however it offers so much more as it links well to many other areas of the curriculum.


In History, we will summarise the main events from this period in history, explaining the order in which key events happened. We will be able to establish how Britain was affected by these ‘invaders and settlers’, including what evidence of their existence can we see today in Britain. After understanding this period, will we also be able to place it on a timeline accurately, in context with other periods studied previously. Also, we will describe key events from this period using a range of evidence from different sources. By using evidence, we will be able to compare two different versions of a historical event and say how the author may be attempting to persuade or give a specific viewpoint. These skills will be developed alongside increasing our knowledge of this period of British history. 


In Geography, we will use maps to identify where the different settlers came from and how they travelled to Britain.


In Art, we will develop skills in using clay including slabs, coils and slips by designing and making clay dragon eyes inspired by Viking longships. Focusing further on the longships we will use line, tone and shading to represent them in three dimensions.


In Music, we will focus on listen and appraising. Our musical focus is ‘Pop Ballads’.  We will learn how pulse, rhythm and pitch work together. We will listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory. We will develop our ability to sing in unison and also in rounds. We will perform in front of other and develop our performance techniques. Ukulele lessons will take place after the February half term.


In DT, we will develop our understanding of seasonality within food and our understanding of healthy eating. We will use this knowledge to generate recipes for seasonally-sourced, nutritious soup and bread. We will develop our safe use of utensils and equipment (including heat sources) and prepare then cook the bread and soup. Finally, we will eat and evaluate the food we have created.


We will have weekly Spanish lessons and we will be learning new vocabulary and Spanish phrases.


We have P.E. on Mondays (outdoor kit is needed) and Thursdays (indoor kit is needed). We will be focusing on Hockey and Gymnastics.




Reading books are sent home every day; we expect your child to read every night and for an adult to record their reading journey in the Reading Record. Over the weekend we would like your child to read the reading comprehension set on Purple Mash, then they can complete the questions. 



Children will receive their new spellings on a Monday and be tested on the following Monday. Their spellings will be sent home in a book with a blank page for them to practise next to their spelling list. Their homework will be checked daily. Please ensure your child is not just copying the word; they should be practising too. It is important to practise applying the rule that has been taught on a Monday. Children can be creative when practising by using different colours, writing the word in a sentence, writing it in bubble writing or in rainbow colours. 


Times Tables

Children must ensure they are logging into TT Rockstars x 3 times weekly. In addition, the children will be given a certain times table to focus on for that week and this will be tested every week. 



At the Grange we believe that it is crucial to work in partnership with parents and carers. There is an expectation that you will support us by ensuring that your child completes the tasks we set as homework. 


Obviously the level of engagement will depend on your child's age but we expect you take an active part in all aspects of homework and, where necessary, indicate that you have monitored the completion of it (e.g signing the Home/School Reading Record Book.) The routines of reading every day, learning spellings and multiplication tables etc. can be great fun and very reading for all concerned. best results are achieved when homework is not done at the last minute but has a fixed time in a child's established routine. Short, sharp periods of activity are preferable to prolonged periods of study where concentration can be lost. 


Effective learning and consolidation of learning cannot happen in an environment with lots of distractions (e.g. television etc.) Please give some thought to where your child works at home. 


Homework Timetable

Monday - Spellings & Reading (Spelling Test)

Tuesday - Spellings & Reading

Wednesday - Spellings & Reading

Thursday - Spellings & Reading

Friday - Purple Mash Reading/comprehension & Spelling

There is also an expectation that the children will go on TT Rockstars at least 3 times a week.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Class 5 team.

Thank you for your support.