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Catch Up Meeting on Zoom 


Dear Parents/Carers,

We have arranged a short meeting for children in Class Five to have the opportunity to have a quick catch up with their friends and teacher. The meeting will take place at 11.00am on Wednesday 8th July. We that you will be able to join us. The ID code and password will be sent in a text message to all parents. In order to help safeguard all of the people involved, we ask that all parents make it known to the teacher that they are in the room at the start of the meeting. Parents do not need to remain on camera if they choose not to.


Yours sincerely

Mr Evans

Assistant Headteacher

The Grange Primary School      

Welcome back!!


I hope you all had a lovely half term and got up to some exciting activities.

This half term you all voted for a new project so we are very fortunate enough to be able to access the LitFilm Fest unit of work called 'El Dorado'. This is a very exciting project with live lessons available. Scroll down to English to find out more. We will also be continuing our topic work on the The Normans and Living Things and Plants in Science. 


As you can imagine teaching you via a computer screen is much less fun than seeing all your bright, happy faces in school and I really miss hearing all about your weekends and half terms so please let me know what you've been up to. You can use the 2email system on purple mash (video how to access below) or the class email Do keep in touch as I love hearing from you all!


Take Care


Miss Cass

I would like to share some of the amazing work you have all been doing whilst being at home. You have all been trying very hard and I am really impressed with how hard you are all working. Below is links to some of your work. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


6.7.20 - Writing - El Dorado

Todays’ lesson:


This week we read chapter 5 of El Dorado. This week helps to plan the structure to finish your adventure as we get towards the last parts of the film.


See Purple Mash for activity or alternatively see worksheet below. 


7.7.20 - Writing - El Dorado

Todays’ lesson: 


Today you are going to write up the notes flashback you planned yesterday. To help, let’s try writing some short sentences to build tension or create impact, e.g.:

He packed his bag. He set off.
She hid.. He turned around. She prayed. Victory was theirs!


8.7.20 - Writing - El Dorado

Todays’ lesson:


Today we are improving our flashback, focusing on using more ‘With an action, more action’ sentences.


9.7.20 - Writing - El Dorado

Todays’ lesson:


Today you will be filming your flashback There are 4 things to film:
1. The introduction to the flashback (what are your characters going to find or see to

prompt the flashback to happen?) 2. Paragraph 1
3. Paragraph 2
4. Paragraph 3

You can use freeze frames, images, or any method you like to record this section, but have a go to see if you can add some filters, wibbly wobbly transitions or sound effects to make sure it is clear the scene is from the past.


10.7.20 - Writing - El Dorado

Todays’ lesson:


This writing lesson with author ELOISE WILLIAMS challenges you to think about story structure


Have a go at writing a scene from a story. It could be El Dorado, or you could pick another book or film. Here are some ideas to make it pop!

  1. Start unexpectedly or resolving the last scene

  2. Use description and dialogue

  3. Make sure anything someone says, says something more about them

  4. Finish on a dramatic point


Week 6 - Shape  

Watch the videos below.


Once completed go onto the link below for some more practice.


Here are the sheets to complete you don't have to print the sheet you can simply look at the sheet online and have a go at drawing them on a piece of paper. Alternatively you can just write your answer on an email and email it over.


Activity on Purple Mash each day to complete.


Follow link below for 8/7/20 activity

There is no Purple Mash activity for today.


Follow link below for 9/7/20 activity

There is no Purple Mash activity for today.


10/7/20 - Problem Solving

See link below. Same activity is on PurpleMash.




This week I would like you to research the Norman Castles. I would like you to find out:


What type of castles they built?

Why these were different?

How did they build them?

How did they defend them?

What they were made of?

Are there any famous Norman Castles still around today?


On Purple Mash there is a task you can complete with all of your research.


Some places to look


Purple Mash Email Tutorial

Still image for this video

If you have any questions please email me on however please note:

  • Communication must only take place between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on weekdays in term time
  • Communication must only relate to work set
  • We envisage that this means of communication will only be in place during the period of disruption caused by Coronavirus.


Staying Safe Online

As you are completing so much work online at the minute please remember to stay safe whilst working on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Please take a moment to watch the videos with your parents on Espresso and to complete the activities together. 

Supporting your child at home


The following links will take you to Espresso and Purple Mash. Both contain numerous resources for supporting your child in all areas of the school curriculum. Individual log-in details can be found in children's reading records. For further information about the curriculum please go to the Curriculum section of the school website.