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Class Four

Welcome to the Class Four 


Welcome back,  we are all looking forward to the summer term.


If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me via the front office.

Many Thanks, 

Mrs Minton-Allen

Teaching Team 


Your teaching team this year is:

    Class Teacher: Mrs Minton-Allen

Teaching Assistant: Miss Butler

Summer Term Learning 


During the first summer term our class topic will be 'Expedition Blue Planet.' We will be learning about the dangers of climate change and how human actions have had a direct impact on the environment, including the devastating effects of plastic pollution. We will learn about different weather patterns around the world as we identify  different climate zones. In addition, we will be taking part in a large scale climate change project were Class Four will be leading the way in planting 420 trees on the school grounds, in an effort to help reduce our carbon footprint. We will also take part in a lesson with the World Wildlife Fund and learn about how climate change and overfishing is affecting the Polar regions. 


In Writing, we will be joining the characters Arthur and Maudie as they set of on a sky ship adventure to South Polaris in the adventure book Brightstorm. We will be writing diary entries, newspaper reports, character and setting descriptions before we write our own advenure narrative. In addition, we will learn about a variety of famous explorers and write a non chronological report about the famous aviator Amelia Earhart, the first woman to cross the Atlantic solo. We will also be developing our speaking and listening skills as we take part in a Q & A session with a member of The House of Lords. 


In Maths, our key focus this term will be to secure our knowledge of fractions and to learn our multiplication and division facts for all of the times tables. In addition, we will develop our skills in written multiplication and division. We will learn how to read and plot coordinates and learn how to translate shapes. Furthermore, we will revisit previous taught skills and develop our reasoning and problem solving skills. We will learn how to convert units of measure when learning about distances and times of travel for some of our most famous explorers. 


In Science, we will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will explore both local habitats and those further afar in the polar regions. We will take part in a lesson with the World Wildlife Fund and learn about how man causes threats to food chains and wildlife. 


In Art, we will be developing our skills using watercolours and developing techniques such as bleeding, dry wash, blending, layering and tonal grading. We will also develop our sketching and toning skills using pencil. We will learn about the artist Leonardo Davinci and his amazing flying machine sketches, linked to our adventure story Brightstorm. 


In Design and Technology, we will learn how to construct a weather vane for a science experiment where we will compare weather in the UK with the Polar regions. 


In Music, we will listen to and appraise a variety of both classical and pop music.  







Class Four Homework


Reading  Please ensure you that you read every night and your readubg record is signed and brought into school each day.


Spelling It is important to practise your spellings each night before our weekly spelling test on a Friday. Please complete the spelling sheet and remember to print the word. Practise on the opposite page using different colours, writing the word backwards, writing it in a diagonal or in rainbows or in pyramids. 


Times Tables  Please ensure you are logging into TT Rockstars at least three times a week. Also spend time revising your times table facts.


Purple Mash Every Friday, I will set a piece of English and Maths homework on Purple Mash that must be completed by the following Thursday. At times, there will also be additional topic projects set throughout the term. 


At the Grange we believe that it is crucial to work in partnership with parents and carers. There is an expectation that you will support us by ensuring that your child completes the tasks we set as homework.


Obviously the level of engagement will depend on your child's age but we expect you take an active part in all aspects of homework and, where necessary, indicate that you have monitored the completion of it (e.g signing the Home/School Reading Record Book.)


The routines of reading every day, learning spellings and multiplication tables etc. can be great fun and very reading for all concerned. Best results are achieved when homework is not done at the last minute but has a fixed time in a child's established routine. Short, sharp periods of activity are preferable to prolonged periods of study where concentration can be lost.


Effective learning and consolidation of learning cannot happen in an environment with lots of distractions (e.g. television etc.) Please give some thought to where your child works at home. 

Supporting Your Child At Home.


The following links will take you to Espresso and Purple Mash. Both contain numerous resources for supporting your child in all areas of the school curriculum. Individual log in details can be found in children's reading records. For further information about the curriculum please go to the Curriculum section of the school website.