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Class Four

Welcome to Class Four  


Welcome back,  I hope you all had a lovely Summer holiday.

I am looking forward to an exciting Autumn Term.


If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me via the front office.

Many Thanks, 

Mrs Minton-Allen

Teaching Team 

Class Four

Your teaching team this year is:


Class Teacher: Mrs Minton-Allen

Teaching Assistant: Miss Butler






Autumn Term Learning 


In English, we will read the exciting novel Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. We will develop our descriptive writing skills as we create our own imaginary room at the chocolate factory. We will compare the book and film to a visit to The Liverpool Empire to watch the musical.


In Maths, we will revisit and strengthen our skills in number, place value, addition and subtraction.   

A strong focus in Class Four is to continue learning all of our times tables up to 12 x 12.  We will also secure our knowledge and understanding of both written and mental methods in a variety of contexts. 


In History, we will develop our history Knowledge learning about the Ancient Egyptians as we travel back in time and learn about the amazing achievements of the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation. 


In Science, we will be learning about electricity. Our learning will enable us to take part in practical

experiments as we design, test and build our own electrical circuits.


In Art, we will study the artist William Morris and learn how to create a wallpaper sample using some of his designs. In addition, we will continue to develop our skills painting with watercolors as we experiment with a range of techniques.


In Music, we will be developing our musicianship skills as we apply existing skills and knowledge as we begin to learn to play the violin.  Alongside practical lessons, we will develop our listening and appraising skills through a wide range of music.


In PE, we will be building our fitness levels  and gymnastic skills through a variety of activities. 

Enhanced Educational Visit


To enhance our writing this year we will be visiting the Liverpool Empire in November to watch the musical Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. 

Details will be sent home in a letter. 

Class Four Homework

Maths . A strong focus will be learning all of our times tables up to 12 x 12 in preparation for the national test in June. 


Times Tables  Please ensure you are logging into TT Rockstars at least three times a week. Also spend time revising your times table facts. Use Maths Frame to practise and adjust the test to focus on the areas you need to learn. 


Reading  Please ensure you that you read every night and your reading record is signed and brought into school each day.


Spelling It is important to practise your spellings each night before our weekly spelling test on a Friday. Please complete the spelling sheet and remember to print the word. Practise on the opposite page using different colours, writing the word backwards, writing it in a diagonal or in rainbows or in pyramids. Spelling homework will also be set through Spelling Shed. 



At the Grange we believe that it is crucial to work in partnership with parents and carers. There is an expectation that you will support us by ensuring that your child completes the tasks we set as homework.


Obviously the level of engagement will depend on your child's age but we expect you take an active part in all aspects of homework and, where necessary, indicate that you have monitored the completion of it (e.g signing the Home/School Reading Record Book.)


The routines of reading every day, learning spellings and multiplication tables etc. can be great fun and very reading for all concerned. Best results are achieved when homework is not done at the last minute but has a fixed time in a child's established routine. Short, sharp periods of activity are preferable to prolonged periods of study where concentration can be lost.


Effective learning and consolidation of learning cannot happen in an environment with lots of distractions (e.g. television etc.) Please give some thought to where your child works at home. 


Homework Timetable


Friday to Friday - Reading and spelling.

TT Rockstars - access 3 times per week

Spelling Shed - play 3  games per week 

Mathsframe Mulipication Check - once per week

Supporting Your Child At Home.


The following links will take you to various websites. They contain numerous resources for supporting your child in all areas of the school curriculum. Individual log in details can be found in children's reading records. For further information about the curriculum please go to the Curriculum section of the school website.