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Class Nine

Welcome to Class Nine

Teacher: Miss Creaby

Teaching Assistants: Miss Beaumont, Mrs Horton, Miss. Crawford

Hello Class 9.


I will continue with our zoom sessions this week until we return to school full time on the 8th March. I understand that some children do not have access to zoom but where you can, please try to attend these meetings as it is important for the children to stay engaged with their learning at home.


Morning Zoom Session: 9.30 a.m 

Afternoon Zoom Session: 2.00 p.m


Links for zoom sessions have been sent out to children's personal school email. The login details to these can be found on the front of their home school diaries.


Work packs have been emailed or sent home to the children who are working from home. If you do not have access to a printer, the work can be  answered in the children's blue home learning books or on plain paper and photographed and emailed back over to the class email for the teacher to mark.


Please try you hardest to ensure you are engaging with the daily tasks and zoom meetings!!




Monday 1st March


John-Paul- 2 Times Table Activity

Holly, Lennon, Shea, Callum, Eddie- Addition in any order subtraction cannot

Shane and Ollie- Division for 8 x tables


Tuesday 2nd March


John-Paul- 5 Times Table Activity

Holly, Lennon, Shea, Callum, Eddie-  Arrays

Shane and Ollie- Venn diagrams


Wednesday 3rd March


John-Paul- 10 Times Table Activity

Holly, Lennon, Shea, Callum, Eddie- 2 x table Arrays

Shane and Ollie- Carroll diagrams


Thursday 4th March


John-Paul- Odd and Even Numbers

Holly, Lennon, Shea, Callum, Eddie-  5 x table Arrays

Shane and Ollie- Venn diagrams revisited


Friday 5th March


John-Paul- Recognising Coins

Holly, Lennon, Shea, Callum, Eddie- 10 x table Arrays

Shane and Ollie- Carroll diagrams revisited





This week in English we are going to be continuing to learn about riddles . We will be developing our clue solving skills and using our knowledge to create various types of riddles of our own.


This Thursday we will also be celebrating world book day. The children can bring some of their favourite stories to school for us to read during the week. If you are working from home, you could show us your favourite story book during our zoom sessions and we can read these together.


Monday 1st March

Today you have a sheet that provides 5 riddles. I want you to use all of your knowledge from last week to help you to solve the 5 riddles. Remember to read each clue carefully!


Tuesday 2nd March

Create your own animal riddles using the template provided. Remember to think carefully about the clues you use. We want to keep the reader guessing without giving too much away. 


Wednesday 3rd March

Our worksheet today is another riddle solving sheet. This time, our riddles are based around items that can be found in the garden. If you are working from home, maybe you could find some more items that you have in your garden and write up some riddles for the children in class to solve!


Thursday 4th March (World book day)

If you are working from home today, you will have some world book day activities in your work pack to complete. I would also like you to spend the day reading some of your favourite stories at home with your family. If you are joining our zoom session today, bring these along so we can share our favourite books.





Week two spellings have been sent to your email address. Please practise these daily just as we do in class. At the end of the week, I would like your parents to test you on your spellings. Lets see if we can all get top marks!



If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email our class email and I will reply as soon as I can.






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