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Class Nine

Welcome to Class Nine

Teacher: Miss Creaby

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Horton, Miss Crawford, Miss Flexen.

Welcome to Class Nine


Autumn 2



In English class nine will be reading the story ‘Binny’s Diwali.’ Pupils will be learning about the Hindu festival and how they celebrate. In particular, Class 9 will be learning about the story of Rama and Sita. They will be focusing on role-play, character descriptions and story sequencing. Finally, children will develop their understanding of shape poems and create their own linked to Christmas.



In Mathematics, children working on B Squared Level Math will be focusing on individual B Squared targets.


Pupils working at Year 1 level will be completing work based on Number and Place Value with numbers from 0-10 and 0-20, Addition and Subtraction with numbers from 0-10, Shape, Space and Measure. 


Pupils working at Year 2 level will be completing work based on Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Shape, Space and Measure. 


Children will also have one lesson a week solely focusing on Shape, Space and Measure.



In Science, children working on a Year 1 curriculum will be learning about Animals Including Humans.


Children  will be taught how to:

  • Discover the basic parts of the human body
  • Learn about your eyes and sight
  • Learn about your ears and hearing
  • Explore the tongue and taste
  • Explore your sense of touch
  • Discover how your nose smells


Children following a year 5 curriculum will be learning about Changes of Materials.


Children following will be taught how to:

  • Use evaporation to recover the solute from a solution
  • Recognise and describe reversible changes
  • Observe chemical reactions and describe how we know new materials are made
  • Investigate rusting reactions
  • Investigate burning reactions
  • Investigate chemical reactions - acids and bicarbonate of soda



In History this term, the children will be learning about the Gunpowder Plot. The Gunpowder Plot unit will teach the children to fully develop their knowledge and understanding of this significant event in British history. The children will increase their awareness of the past by finding out about Guy Fawkes and other significant individuals involved in the plot, such as Robert Catesby and Thomas Percy. They will deepen their understanding of the events of the Gunpowder Plot through several speaking and listening activities, such as hot seating and role play, as well as sequencing events and designing posters. A lesson on how bonfire night has been celebrated in Britain since the 1930s is also designed to consolidate their knowledge of changes within living memory.



In computing this term the children will be developing their digital printing techniques. Learners will develop their understanding of a range of tools used for digital painting. They then use these tools to create their own digital paintings, while gaining inspiration from a range of artists’ work. The unit concludes with learners considering their preferences when painting with and without the use of digital devices.



Every Wednesday, we will have P.E. Please make sure you send your child's P.E kit into school.  



Pupils will be learning focusing on the Glockenspiel Stage 2 unit of work. This is a six-week unit of work that introduces the children to learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel.

The learning is focused around exploring and developing playing skills through the glockenspiel or if you have previous knowledge, the recorder.



R.E this term will be focused on the Christmas Performance.



Our Spring Two Topic in PSHCE is ‘Similarities and differences.’



In Dt this term, pupils will be learning how to prepare fruit and vegetables. We will be creating some Hindu sweets and drinks used during the celebration of Diwali.



Children will be sent home with spellings to learn each week, could you please find the time to practice with the children. 

Children will read at home each day with parents/carers. Please ensure it is noted daily in your child's reading record. 


At The Grange we believe that it is crucial to work in partnership with parents and carers. There is an expectation that you will support us by ensuring that your child completes the tasks that we set as homework.

Obviously the level of your engagement will depend on your child’s age but we expect you to take an active part in all aspects of homework. and where necessary, indicate that you have monitored the completion of it (e.g. by signing the Home/ School Reading Record Book)

The routines of reading every day, learning spellings and multiplication tables etc. can be great fun and very rewarding for all concerned. Best results are achieved when homework is not done at the last minute but has a fixed time in a child’s established home routine. Short, sharp period of activity are preferable to prolonged periods of study where concentration can be lost.

Effective learning and consolidation of learning cannot happen in an environment with lots of distractions (e.g. television etc.) Please give some thought to where your child works at home.

Please see below the extensive list of websites that your child can visit to consolidate and extend his/her learning.