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Zoom Catch Up Meeting


Dear Parents/Carers,

We have arranged a short meeting for children in Class One to have the opportunity to have a quick catch up with their friends and teacher. The meeting will take place at 3.30pm on Thursday 9th  July. We hope that you will be able to join us. The ID code and password will be sent in a text message to all parents. In order to help safeguard all of the people involved, we ask that all parents make it known to the teacher that they are in the room at the start of the meeting. Parents do not need to remain on camera if they choose not to.


Yours sincerely

Mr Evans

Assistant Headteacher

The Grange Primary School

Welcome to Class One




Home Learning



We hope that you are all keeping safe and well at home. This week we will be continuing our work on pirates and completing some more swashbuckling pirate activities that we hope you will enjoy with your grown ups at home!



If you scroll further down the page you can see some of examples of the  wonderful work you have been sending us. Please continue to send us photographs of your super work so we can share it with all of your Class One friends. Many of you have also been working hard at home completing the activities set on Purple Mash. Well done for your hard work and keep up the good work!


Remember to keep in touch via email if you have any questions or need any further support. We are here to help!


Class One Team



Here are the weekly tasks for week commencing 6th July...


This week we will be reading some exciting pirate poems and learning to write our own pirate poetry! See the English Learning Activities document below.

Phonics and Spelling


During this final half term we will be revising all of the sounds we have learnt this year. This is very important to help develop vital phonic and spelling skills to prepare us for Class Two. 


This week we will continue to post a 'Letters and Sounds' Phonics Lesson on our Class Page each day (Mon-Thurs). We will focus on a different sound each day. These lessons are very similar to our Phonics lessons in school. You will hear the word digraph (two letters that make one sound e.g. ch or oy) frequently in these lessons. Your child will also know digraphs as 'special friends'. Every Friday we will also set a spelling task to be completed at home.

Additional Phonics and Spelling Activities



Reading tasks and activities will be set weekly on

Remember to read at home as much as you can, this may be your school books, comics, joke books, magazines etc. You can also access Reading Eggs and a range of ebooks on


You may like to complete book reviews for your favourite books that you read and we can share them on our class page for your friends to see. A template for this has been set as a 2do on purplemash.


This week in Maths we will be practising doubling and halving.


Watch Lesson 1 'Make Doubles' below and complete the worksheet for Lesson 1.

Lesson 1 - Make doubles



Watch Lesson 2 'Make Equal Groups (Grouping)' below and complete the worksheet.

Lesson 2 - Make equal groups (grouping)


Watch Lesson 3 'Make Equal Groups (Sharing)' and complete the worksheet.

Lesson 3 - Make equal groups (sharing)


Watch Lesson 4 'Find a Half' and complete the worksheet.

Lesson 4 - Find a half (1)


Play 'Hit the Button Doubles' (Doubles up to 10) game and complete the worksheet below.


Additional Maths Games for Home Learning
This week we will learn what plants need in order to grow. Watch Bitesize video below. 

Have a go of planting your own seed and nurturing it to help it grow for example a sunflower seed or a bean seed. Think about a sensible place for your seed to grow and how you will look after it each day.


We would love to see some photographs of you planting your seeds. You can send them to us at .


Have a go of Popcorn and the Pirates - A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure following the link below.


This week we will learn about the famous artist Wassily Kandinksy. Read the PPT below and look at his famous piece of artwork entitled 'Squares with Concentric Rings'. Discuss this with with your grown up. What colours can you see? What shapes can you see? How does this painting make you feel? Have a go at creating your own piece of artwork in the style of Kandinsky using the sheet below. Don't forget to send us some photographs of your beautiful artwork!

Our Wonderful Work at Home!

The Department for Education and several other organisations have worked quickly to produce online learning packages that can be used by parents for primary aged pupils. These were released at the start of the summer term (20th April). These have been divided up into year groups and have video teaching sessions and accompanying worksheets with them. These websites are organised to have daily lessons in English, Maths and other subjects. We are very aware of the pressures currently facing many of our parents so as we have previously stated, do what you can and what you feel is appropriate for your child/children. We will continue to set inspiration ideas and resources to support you and your children so if completing some activities from our weekly inspiration list is enough, that’s great!  

The DfE National Oak Academy

To use this website, select the year group or schedule and the activity you would like to use. It will give a list of equipment and some worksheets. You will need a device to view the lessons.

If you cannot access any of the above activities or would like additional activites to complete at home please read the home learning project document which is posted underneath. These documents will offer you ideas for activities which can be completed at home.


Remember that you can contact Miss Jones and Mrs Everett via email if you need any support or want to share your learning with us during this time.



 Please note:

  • Communication must only take place between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on weekdays in term time
  • Communication must only relate to work set
  • We envisage that this means of communication will only be in place during the period of disruption caused by Coronavirus.

Internet safety


Whilst we are in this unusual time and you are accessing more activities online, we ask that you remind yourselves of the rules to accessing the internet safely.  I have posted a powerpoint and a link to some videos which you may like to watch as a family and discuss. There are also a number of activities to complete once you have watched the videos on Espresso.

A letter from Mr Hains

Other Useful Links