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3rd April 2020


Good Morning, I hope you are all keeping well in this current situation we are in. Here you will find the daily activities that I will be setting for the children. I am sure you will appreciate the importance of completing these tasks.


Reading - Purple Mash 2do task

Please read chapter 5 of The Elephant Teacup and complete the online multiple choice questions. 


Create a character profile for Kieran, remember to use the text as evidence for your ideas.


Maths - Purple Mash 2do task

Known multiplication facts quiz.


Each day do some counting some suggestions include:

Counting in 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's 8's and 10's. 

Counting in 50's and 100's from any given number. 

Please find a link below to a game in which the children enjoyed doing everyday during our maths lesson. Please choose something from the 'level 3' category. Try to challenge the children by reducing the time given. We liked to call it the '3 second challenge'.


English - Purple Mash 2do


Use your descriptive language to describe the setting in the picture and where it may lead to. How would you be feeling? Think about your senses for your description. 


If you do not have the log in for Espresso please email me on the address below.


Topic Research - Ancient Greece (until Thursday 2nd April) 


Purple Mash 2 do task - Ancient Greek houses. Please note the 'think about' box in the left hand corner, this gives the children a lot of ideas they can include in their information poster.

Dear parents, thank you for supporting us in completing these activities. I do look, everyday, at the fabulous work the children are producing. I am very interested in the Ancient Greek theatre research so please keep them coming. Can I add, if the task is a 2do on PurpleMash, can you please make sure the children save before they exit, that way I can see their brilliant work. Thank you again. 

If you have any questions please email me on however please note:

  • Communication must only take place between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on weekdays in term time
  • Communication must only relate to work set
  • We envisage that this means of communication will only be in place during the period of disruption caused by Coronavirus.


Please find below some activity ideas to complete at home with your child to develop their learning further. Thank you for your co operation at this time.

Welcome to Class Three


Your teachers will be:-


Mrs Bevin (Class Teacher)

Mrs Jones (Teaching Assistant)



Your regular homework timetable will be:-


Monday - Spelling & Reading

Tuesday -  Spelling & Reading

Wednesday - Spelling & Reading

Thursday - Spelling & Reading

Friday - Spelling & Reading


Times Tables Rock Stars - As part of your child's homework they are expected to practice their times tables. As a school we are using Times Tables Rock Stars. Your child will have their own log in which can be found in the reading record. A link to our school portal can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please do this every night.



Swimming  - Class 3 will begin swimming lessons this half term at The Meadows Leisure Centre in Maghull.  Lessons will begin on Tuesday 8thth January. The children will need a towel, a costume and a swimming cap. All children must wear a cap. (This can be purchased from the main office for £1.)  The boys must wear tight trunks, for safety reasons shorts are not permitted in the pool. Girls will need a one-piece costume (no bikinis or tankinis) and will need to take out their earrings at home.  Armbands are provided at the pool. Your child can wear goggles, however you need to provide these and we cannot lend any out. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.




Our topic this term is : Groovy Greeks


 This term we will be learning about Greece, where it is and comparing it to our way of life here in the UK. We will be looking into the history of Greece and  exploring the Ancient Greeks. Children will create a time line and learn how Ancient Greece was governed. We will look at many different Greek myths and legends and learn about some of the many Greek Gods and Goddesses.


In English, we will be reading the Greek Myth 'Persephone' and 'Perseus and Medusa'. We will be practising our descriptive writing skills and writing poems about the seasons.


In Maths, we will be securing our knowledge of place value and using this to carry out written addition and subtraction calculations. We will be learning our 8 times tables and telling the time. We will also be focusing on learning our times tables and consolidating our knowledge of the number system in order to carry out mental calculations.


In Science we will learn about animals and humans and explore how to lead a healthy lifestyle, including how to eat a balanced diet. We will be investigating what effects exercise has on our bodies and heart. We will also be learning about the respiratory and digestive system and learning about the uses of a human skeleton and the scientific names of our bones.


If you wish to support your child’s learning at home please encourage your child to carry out their own research using books or the internet.


Thank you for your continued support - Class Three Team



At The Grange we believe that it is crucial to work in partnership with parents and carers. There is an expectation that you will support us by ensuring that your child completes the tasks that we set as homework.


Obviously the level of your engagement will depend on your child’s age but we expect you take an active part in all aspects of homework and, where necessary, indicate that you have monitored the completion of it (e.g. by signing the Home/School Reading Record Book.)


The routines of reading every day, learning spellings and multiplication tables etc. can be great fun and very rewarding for all concerned. Best results are achieved when homework in not done at the last minute but has a fixed time in a child’s established home routine. Short, sharp periods of activity are preferable to prolonged periods of study where concentration can be lost.


Effective learning and consolidation of learning cannot happen in an environment with lots of distractions (e.g. television etc.) Please give some thought to where your child works at home.


Please see below the extensive list of websites that your child can visit to consolidate and extend his/her learning.

Supporting your child at home


The following links will take you to Espresso and Purple Mash. Both contain numerous resources for supporting your child in all areas of the school curriculum. Individual log-in details can be found in children's reading records. For further information about the curriculum please go to the Curriculum section of the school website.