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Class Twelve

Catch Up Meeting on Zoom 


Dear Parents/Carers,

We have arranged a short meeting for children in Class Twelve to have the opportunity to have a quick catch up with their friends and teacher. The meeting will take place at 1pm on Wednesday 15th July. We hope that you will be able to join us. The ID code and password will be sent in a text message to all parents. In order to help safeguard all of the people involved, we ask that all parents make it known to the teacher that they are in the room at the start of the meeting. Parents do not need to remain on camera if they choose not to.


Yours sincerely

Mr Evans

Assistant Headteacher

The Grange Primary School     



Please watch the following videos and discuss them with an adult at home. Afterwards, you can challenge yourself by completing the online quizzes available.


Each day children will have a Maths, English and reading activity to complete on Purple Mash or on White Rose maths. Children will also have a weekly project to complete, this is usually PSHE related.


English and reading 

See purple mash 2 dos and video challenge below. Children can also read books at home and complete additional tasks on Purple Mash. This might include a book review, character profile or story retell. 

Common exception words (found at the front of reading records) can be used as weekly spelling practice and tests.


See White Rose Maths for today's activities.

When accessing White Rose Maths please find the current week and click on whatever lesson you are up to. Each lesson will contain a video presentation, worksheet and answers for you to complete with your child.

Mrs Hughes' group-

Miss Furlong's group-

Miss Howard's group-

After completing tasks you can email me work to 

In addition, children are encouraged to continue to develop their understanding of all timetables. Toon tables on Purple Mash is a fun way to learn times tables at home.


Video of the week!

Any writing activities can be completed on 2write on Purple Mash and emailed to me via 2email. 



  • Make a list of the human behaviours that Pip shows. What effect does this have?
  • Listen to audio description version and then write your own. What do you need to include to make the story come alive?
  • Write a character description of Pip, or the trainer.
  • What does Pip’s behaviour tell you about her? Make a table showing the things that she does in one column and what that tells you about her personality in the other.
  • Stop the film at 0:54. How is Pip feeling? How do you know? Compare to 2:24. Write a description of Pip’s body language at both points.
  • Make a storyboard of the video.
  • Write the story from the point of view of the trainer.
  • Stop the film at 0:13. The construction equipment in the background will become very important later on. This technique is known as foreshadowing. Look at a range of fiction books and collect other examples of this technique.
  • Write up Pip’s experience as a newspaper report to be put on the entrance hall wall.
  • Discuss how the newspaper stories on the wall (for example at 0:33) are used to tell the story. Why have they been included? What do they add?
  • Write a report about the work of guide dogs. The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association have some good resources to support this.


Make an obstacle course game in Scratch or a similar program.

Research and make a presentation about the work of guide dogs and other assistance animals.

Design Technology

Design a safety outfit for the trainer to protect her when falling over!

Design and make a simple food dispensing machine.

Make dog treats


Listen to how the changes in the music reflect Pip’s feelings. Describe how the composer does this.

Chose a short section of the film and write a new soundtrack for it.


Find out about the history of guide dogs. This webpage is a good starting point for older children.

Physical education

Set out a simple obstacle course for the children to navigate in pairs, with one of them blindfolded.


This film has been made as part of a fundraising effort for a charity. Discuss ways in which your school or setting support charities.

Pip has to overcome difficulties to achieve her goal of being a guide dog. What is your goal?

Ace is Pip’s inspiration. Who inspires you and why?

Supporting your child at home


The following links will take you to Espresso and Purple Mash. Both contain numerous resources for supporting your child in all areas of the school curriculum. Individual log in details can be found in children's reading records. For further information about the curriculum please go to the Curriculum section of the school website.