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Class Twelve

Welcome to Class 12

Our class team:

Mrs Hughes

Miss Furlong

Miss Lally

Miss Howard

Friday 5th March 2021

Today's Zoom sessions will take place at 9.30am and 2.30pm. During our morning session Mrs Hughes will outline the plan for the day. It is important that you come prepared with your TT rockstars (not all children will have this) and Purple Mash log ins. In addition, it is important you have your homework books, reading records and home learning packs (given out during last term). During our afternoon session Mrs Hughes will discuss any areas which you may have found tricky and will chat to you about your day.


Starter: countdown. Use the letters below to make as many words as you can.

r  y   u   a   f    t   b   i   l    s  

Main: creative writing

Use the picture below to create your own story. Remember a story should have a beginning, middle and end. Try to use exciting words, sentence starters and conjunctions to extend your writing.


Mrs Hughes’ group (Lucy, Lena, Jayden, Chloe, Maddison, Kyle, Josh, Lilly, Mason)

Starter- 5 times tables song-

Main- Today we are going to focus on dividing by.

Watch the video below before completing today’s activity:

Extension – toon tables on purple mash.

Miss Furlong's Maths- Joel, Ben, Logan, Jack

Starter- use the following numbers to make the goal number

Goal number- 567

Number you can use- 25,10, 3, 2, 4, 1

You can use the number twice.

Main- Today you are going to focus on place value.

Watch the video below before completing today’s activity.

Extension- TT rockstars.

Complete the activity sheet below.


Please complete your 5-a-day. Please complete the times tables worksheet. Please watch the following video on algebra – finding pairs of values: Please complete the maths worksheet.


Share a book with an adult at home. Afterwards, discuss who your favourite character was, what your favourite part of the story was and draw a picture of it.


Watch the Easter story video below:

Afterwards, create a story board of what happened during the story- see purple mash 2dos.

Family time

Have fun at home with your family. You could:

Play a board game

Play charades

Sing together

Play just dance

Top trumps- create your own top trumps cards.

Class 12 World book day pictures

Things you can do once you finish:


P.E with Joe Wicks


Memory games

Deadly 60

Horrible histories

Phonics- Username jan21 password home 

Hit the button maths game