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We  aim to develop the ability to communicate clearly and confidently in speech and writing, in ways that are appropriate for various formal and informal occasions and purposes. In order to do this the children will be encouraged to listen attentively and respond with understanding.  We use the Berol handwriting scheme to encourage all children  to develop a fluent, legible style of handwriting. Priority is given to developing high standards in  spelling, punctuation and grammar in accordance with new guidlines.  The children will also learn how to acquire information from various sources and to record information and findings in various ways to support our creative curriculum.  This includes a comprehensive range of ICT skills.

Further details about the content of the curriculum  for specific year groups can be found on the link below.

Reading and Phonics


We aim to teach the children to read fluently and accurately and to develop skills that promote understanding and interpretation of texts to support the curriculum. We use a wide range of  material and our home school reading scheme is graded using the Book Band system. The main core of the scheme is Oxford Reading Tree but this is well supplemented with other material to ensure a variety of engaging texts are available to all children.  We place a high priority on guided reading sessions and all children experience the full range of reading genre within adult led discussion and activities. 

Every child has a  reading record to support our home school partnership.  We subscribe to Bug Club which is  a web based resource which allows the children to access appropriate reading material on-line.


We follow the Read Write Inc. phonics scheme. Daily lessons are taught from Reception through to the end of Key Stage 1. In Key Stage 2, guided reading sessions take place to further develop children's love of reading and comprehension skills.  Read Write Inc. one to one sessions or Read Write Inc. Fresh Start sessions are delivered for those children who may require some additional support to read accurately and fluently.