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Welcome to Reception!

The Reception Team 

Class Teacher - Mrs Richardson

Teaching Assistants - Miss Riley, Miss Durney & Mrs Wareing (Tuesday to Friday), Mrs Nolan (all day Monday & Tuesday PM)


Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


Spring 1 Term Learning

Our topics this half term will include: All Around the World, Transport, Chinese New Year, Warm & Cold Habitats and Rhyming. As you will be aware, we always look to include the children's interests where possible which can often lead to a change of topic if we feel that it is of greater benefit to the children.



In Maths we will be learning how to represent, compare and compose numbers to 8, identify zero, understand that 0 means no quantity, compare mass and capacity and make pairs. 



Phonics lessons will begin on our first day back, Thursday 4th January.



Please continue to read with your child, the expectation is that they are reading daily at home. We would be grateful if you would please sign and date your child's reading record each time you listen to them read. If you haven't already, please ensure that your child has a book bag in order for reading books to be sent home. Staff will read with your child at various points throughout the week, therefore it is important that book bags, reading books and reading logs are sent into school every day. Reading books are sent home on Wednesday and collected in the following Tuesday to be changed.



This half term the children will be learning to recognise and read the red tricky words I, the, to, go, no and so. We will be teaching the children to read the sounds ch, th, sh, ng and nk. We will continue to review previously taught sounds each day. Children will be practising the skill of oral blending daily through games and practical activities. We will also be supporting the children to further develop their blending skills in order to read CVC words (mat, dad, win) and simple sentences such as "I am sad". Children will also be working towards writing CVC words independently, along with ongoing daily name writing practise.  



 PE lessons will begin on Tuesday 9th January. PE kits should include a red t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. We kindly ask that EVERY item of clothing is clearly labelled with your child's name.


Communication & Language

The children will be learning and retelling the story Handa's Surprise and talking about the key events in the story. They will be learning vocabulary linked to the theme of 'All Around the World' such as country, city, town and past. 


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be talking lots about how to make the right choice and how to treat others in our class. The children will learn to understand and talk about the importance of regular teeth brushing. 


Physical Development

In PE the children will be exploring how to kick and pass different sized balls. They will be practising using a knife and fork at lunch and in class (using play dough). Children will be developing their pencil grip in order to support the correct formation of letters.


Understanding the World

We will be looking at images of transport from the past and identifying similarities and differences. The children will explore arial maps of our school, compare animals in England with animals from other climates, investigate floating and sinking. We will also be naming and explaining the purpose of a Church.