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Who's Who

The Grange Primary School Staff


Leadership Team

Mr. Daniel Hains                  Headteacher

Miss Julie Thomson             Deputy Headteacher             

Mr. Gwyn Evans                   Assistant Headteacher / Curriculum Manager  

Mrs. Claire Bold                   Assistant Headteacher / SEN Manager


Management Team

Mrs. Catherine Craggs         Science Subject Leader

Mrs. Zoe Grant                     Maths Subject Leader

Miss Beverley Wright           English Subject Leader


Teaching Team



Miss Christine Delamere     Teacher

Miss Amie Wareing             Teaching Assistant

Miss Hannah Hinton            Teaching Assistant



Mrs. Sarah Hemsley            Teacher

Mrs. Carrie Richardson       Teacher

Miss Hannah Hinton            Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Amie Wareing              Teaching Assistant


Class One

Miss Jenifer Cass                   Teacher  

Mrs. Jamie Bevin                    Teacher

Mrs. Susan Doyle                Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Nicola Dwan                Teaching Assistant


Class Two

Mrs. Sophie Everett             Teacher

Mrs Rachel Fearon              Teacher

Mrs. Jane Green                  Teaching Assistant


Class Three

Miss Rachel Higgins            Teacher

Miss Ellisha Howard            Teaching Assistant


Class Four

Mrs. Carol Minton-Allen      Teacher

Miss Jennifer Butler            Teaching Assistant


Class Five

Miss Beverely Wright            Teacher

Miss Jennifer Furlong            Teaching Assistant


Class Six

Mrs Catherine Craggs         Teacher

Mrs. Alicia Bailey                 Teaching Assistant


Class Seven

Mrs. Julie Lincoln                Teacher

Mrs. Zoe Grant                    Teacher

Miss Laura McLaughlin       Teaching Assistant

Miss Abbie McCormick        Teaching Assistant

Miss Charlotte Walsh          Teaching Assistant


Class Eight

Miss Samantha White          Teacher

Mrs. Gail Gibson                  Teaching Assistant

Miss Rebecca McGuire       Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Ellie Boyd                     Teaching Assistant


Class Nine

Miss Louise Creaby             Teacher

Mrs. Clare Horton                Teaching Assistant

Miss Kelsey Flexen             Teaching Assistant

Miss Helen Crawford           Teaching Assistant

Yvonne Lally                        Teaching Assistant


Class Ten

Miss Sara Gordon                Teacher

Miss Jenifer Orr                   Teaching Assistant

Miss Hayley O'Neill              Teaching Assistant


Class Eleven

Mrs. Jennifer Harrold           Teacher

Miss Elinor Thomas             Teacher

Miss Gill Plant                      Teaching Assistant

Miss Vikkie Costello             Teaching Assistant

Miss Linda Lawes                Teaching Assistant

Miss Erin Keanney               Teaching Assistant


Class Twelve

Mrs. Melissa Hughes           Teacher

Miss Elinor Thomas             Teacher

Mrs. Jackie Jones                Teaching Assistant

Miss Jennifer Furlong          Teaching Assistant


Administration Team

Mrs. Tracey Cartledge          Business Manager / Clerk to Governors

Mrs. Carole Edge                  Home-School Liasion Officer

Mrs. Annette Swift                 SEN Administration Officer

Miss Martha McAulay           Finance Admin / School Administration Officer

Mrs. Vi Wanyun                    General Assistant


Premises Team

Mr. John Banks                     Premises Officer

Mrs. Julie Harwood               Cleaner

Mrs. Kathleen Hayden          Cleaner

Mrs. Lesley Murphy              Cleaner

Miss Michelle Pickering        Cleaner

Miss Vikkie Costello              Cleaner



Midday Supervisor Team

Mrs. Margaret Doran            Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs. Clare O'Malley              Midday Supervisor

Mrs. Lesley Murphy              Midday Supervisor

Mrs Angela Doyle                 Midday Supervisor