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Who's Who

Teachers:                                                                            Area of Responsibility: 


Mr. Daniel Hains                  Headteacher

Miss Julie Thomson             Deputy Headteacher             

Mr. Gwyn Evans                   Assistant Headteacher           Curriculum Manager / Physical Education Subject Leader

Mrs. Claire Bold                    Assistant Headteacher           Assistant Headteacher/SEND Manager


Mrs. Linda Armstrong           Class 2                                   English Subject Leader

Mrs. Sarah Brady                 Reception                               Early Years Foundation Stage Subject Leader

Mrs. Catherine Craggs         Class 6                                   Science Subject Leader

Mrs. Zoe Grant                     Class 9                                   Maths Subject Leader

Miss  Beverley Wright          Class 5                                   Computing Subject Leader


Miss Jennifer Cass               Class2/7

Miss Christine Delamere      Nursery                                  

Miss  Jamie Dilks                 Class 3                                  Geography Co-ordinator

Mrs. Sophie Everett             Class 1                    

Miss  Sara Gordon               Class 10                                History Co-ordinator

Miss Jennifer Harrold           Class 11                                Religious Education Co-ordinator

Mrs. Sarah Hemsley            Class 1                                   Art Co-ordinator

Mrs. Victoria Jones              Reception                              Eco Co-ordinator

Mrs. Julie Lincoln                 Class 7                                  Design Technology Co-ordinator

Miss Melissa Lynch              Class 12                                Personal, Social Health Citizenship Education Co-ordinator 

Mrs. Carol Minton-Allen       Class 4                                 

Miss  Samantha White         Class 8                                  Physical Education Co-ordinator



Teaching Assistants (TA3):


Mrs. Alicia Bailey                 Class 6                                 Mrs. Jaqueline Jones                 Class 3

Miss  Jennifer Butler            Class 6                                 Miss  Yvonne Lally                     Class 10

Mrs. Susan Doyle                Reception Class                   Mrs. Linda Lawes                       Various cover

Mrs. Nicola Dwan                 Class 1                                 Miss Nicola Lyons                     Class 4

Mrs. Gail Gibson                  Class 8                                 Miss Gillian Plant                       Class 11

Mrs. Jane Green                  Class 2

Mrs. Amie Wareing              Nursery  

Miss Rachel Higgins            Class 5                    

Mrs. Clare Horton                Class 9  




Teaching Assistants (TA1/2):


Mr. Matthew Acs                        Class 10              Miss Ellisah Howard                  Class 12

Miss Lyndsey Armitage             Class 10               Miss Melissa Kelly                     Class 3

Miss Kathryn Astley                   Class 7                Miss Rebecca McGuire             Class 8

Miss. Nell Beaumont                  Class 9                Miss Lucy O'Brien                     Class 7

Mrs.  Susan Byrne                     Class 7                Miss Kayleigh Riley                    Nursery/Class 7          

Miss  Helen Carey                     Class 8                Miss Anastasia Tselika              Class 4              

Mrs. Deborah Carter                 Class 8                                                       

Miss Helen Crawford                 Class 8 

Mrs. Nicola Evans                     Reception  

Miss  Laura Faragher                Various cover

Miss. Jennifer Furlong               Class 10

Miss Jodie Harnick                    Class 7   

Miss Victoria Hinton                   Class 11  

Mrs Clare Thompson                 Class 7


Administration Staff:


Mrs. Tracey Cartledge          Business Manager / Clerk to Governors

Mrs. Carole Edge                  Home-School Liasion Officer

Mrs. Annette Swift                 SEN Administration Officer

Miss  Martha McAulay           Finance Admin / School Administration Officer


Premises Staff:


Mr. Kevin Mushrow               Site Supervisor / Maintenance Officer

Mrs. Julie Harwood               Cleaner

Mrs. Kathleen Hayden          Cleaner

Mrs. Lesley Murphy              Cleaner

Miss Michelle Pickering        Cleaner

Mrs. Susan Reid                   Cleaner



Lunchtime/Breakfast Welfare Staff:


Mrs. Margaret Doran            Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Victoria Hinton              Breakfast Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Clare O'Malley              Lunchtime Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Lesley Murphy              Lunchtime Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Susan Reid                   Lunchtime Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Vi Wanyun                    Lunchtime Welfare Assistant