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Year Six Leavers' Production

Year Six Leavers' Production

Dear Parents/Carers,

Due to the current circumstances, we are aware that children in Year Six will not have the opportunity to take part in a leavers’ production of the type that traditionally takes place at the Grange at this time of year. We are keen to try to put something together for the children to mark the end of their time in primary school. We are hoping to produce a video containing a montage of photographs of the children’s time in the school. In addition to this we would like to produce another short video for you to share with your children and our families.

Both videos will be shared with you, via a link to a private You Tube channel. The videos will not appear in any You Tube searches and will only be accessible to people who have the link. As you are aware, we allow parents to take video recordings of school assemblies and productions, but insist that the videos are not shared in any way on social media sites (this is to help safeguard all of the children involved).  In the same way we insist that the link is not shared in any way and that it is used only for your own private family use.

If you would like your child to take part in the virtual levers’ production, please email a ten second video clip of them dancing (in any style that they choose) and an early school photograph or an early childhood photograph to the following email address.

If you are unable to send the video clip and photograph, but would like your child to be included in the montage of photographs from school, please contact the school office on 0151 9247917. We will presume that the sending of an email indicates that you give your permission for your child to be included. Only the children of parents / carers that have been in contact with school (either by email or via the school office) will be in included in the production.

Please send an email or contact the school office no later than 1pm on Wednesday 8th July.   

The ‘premiere’ of the production will take place in a whole year group Zoom Meeting, the details of which will be shared at a later date.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support with this project. Please make every effort to encourage your child to take part.

Yours sincerely


All staff at the Grange