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 This half term our topic is Winter and our class will be reading and taking part in lots of activities linked to changing seasons, daily and seasonal weather patterns and Polar regions.We know that our Class love to read with a grown up and it would be great if children want to share with us any books that they particularly like to read at home.



In Mathematics we will be working hard to recognise, read and write numbers to 20 and beyond and to recall number bonds to 10 . We will be also be taking part in practical activities to recognise  half and  quarter of a shape and object . When learning about money we will be describing and recognising coins to £2 and completing simple addition problems.

Younger children in the Class are working on counting to 10, recognising and writing numbers to 10 and matching numbers with the correct amount of objects.


In Science we are investigating 'Animals including Humans' and we are learning about the needs of animals and how to take care of pets. We are also learning about keeping ourselves healthy by eating the correct foods and taking part in exercise.


We are currently developing our role play area into a polar research centre. The children will be able to role-play researching animals found in the two Polar regions, collecting weather information and making weather forecasts.They will be thinking about the effects of cold weather on our bodies and the correct clothes to wear in the cold weather.


We are hoping to visit Father Christmas as part of our Living Language Program this half term. This greatly assists our children's vocabulary and language development. Supporting your child's development of new vocabulary with real life experiences is extremely beneficial  and we would love to hear about any trips that you take.


We are continuing to focus on our class motto, ’Kind hands, kind feet and kind words’ and we greatly appreciate your support in praising and letting us know about any kindness, no matter how small, that you see from your child at home.

We always enjoy cooking and tasting what we have made in class and will be taking part in weekly cookery sessions. It is extremely important for you to inform us of any allergies that your child may have.