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Who's Who

Teachers:                                                                            Area of Responsibility: 


Mr. Daniel Hains                  Headteacher

Miss Julie Thomson             Deputy Headteacher             

Mr. Gwyn Evans                   Assistant Headteacher           Curriculum Manager / Physical Education Subject Leader

Mrs. Claire Bold                    Assistant Headteacher           Assistant Headteacher/SEND Manager


Mrs. Linda Armstrong           Class 2                                   English Subject Leader

Mrs. Sarah Brady                 Reception                               Early Years Foundation Stage Subject Leader

Mrs. Catherine Craggs         Maternity Leave                     Science Subject Leader

Mrs. Zoe Grant                     Class 9                                   Maths Subject Leader

Miss  Beverley Wright          Class 6                                   Computing Subject Leader


Miss Christine Delamere      Nursery                                  

Miss  Jamie Dilks                 Class 1 / Class 2                   Geography Co-ordinator

Mrs. Sophie Everett             Class 1/2                    

Miss  Sara Gordon               Class 10                                History Co-ordinator

Miss Jennifer Harrold           Class 11                                Religious Education Co-ordinator

Mrs. Sarah Hemsley            Class 1                                   Art Co-ordinator

Mrs. Victoria Jones              Reception                              Eco Co-ordinator

Mrs. Julie Lincoln                 Class 7                                  Design Technology Co-ordinator

Miss Melissa Lynch              Class 12                                Personal, Social Health Citizenship Education Co-ordinator 

Miss  Hannah McClune        Class 4                                  Music Co-ordinator

Mrs. Carol Minton-Allen       Class 5                                  Newly Qualified Teacher

Mrs. Nina Omar                    Class 7

Miss Sarah Robertson         Class 3                                  Newly Qualified Teacher

Miss  Samantha White         Class 8                                  Physical Education Co-ordinator



Teaching Assistants (TA3):


Mrs. Alicia Bailey                 Class 5                                 Mrs. Jaqueline Jones                 Class 4

Miss  Jennifer Butler            Class 5                                 Miss  Yvonne Lally                     Class 8

Mrs. Susan Doyle                Reception Class                   Mrs. Linda Lawes                       Various cover

Mrs. Nicola Dwan                Class 1                                 Miss Nicola Lyons                      Class 3

Mrs. Gail Gibson                  Class 8                                 Miss Gillian Plant                       Class 11/12

Mrs. Jane Green                  Class 2                                Mrs. Amie Wareing                    Nursery  

Miss Rachel Higgins            Class 6                    

Mrs. Clare Horton                 Class 9  




Teaching Assistants (TA1/2):


Mr. Matthew Acs                        Class 10              Miss Ellisha Howard                  Class 12

Miss Kathryn Astley                   Class 7                Miss Jennifer Kemp                   EYFS

Miss. Nell Beaumont                  Class 9                Miss Lucy O'Brien                     Nursery

Mrs.  Susan Byrne                     Class 7                Miss Kayleigh Riley                   Reception/Year 1                    

Miss  Helen Carey                     Class 8                Mrs. Sarah Rochford-Morris      Class 8          

Mrs. Deborah Carter                 Class 7                                                       

Miss Helen Crawford                 Class 9   

Miss  Laura Faragher                Class 1/10 

Miss. Jennifer Furlong               Class 10   

Miss Victoria Hinton                   Class 11  

Mrs Clare Thompson                 Class 7


Administration Staff:


Mrs. Tracey Cartledge          Business Manager / Clerk to Governors

Mrs. Carole Edge                  Home-School Liasion Officer

Mrs. Annette Swift                 SEN Administration Officer

Miss  Martha McAulay           Finance Admin / School Administration Officer


Premises Staff:


Mr. Kevin Mushrow               Site Supervisor / Maintenance Officer

Mrs. Julie Harwood               Cleaner

Mrs. Kathleen Hayden          Cleaner

Mrs. Lesley Murphy              Cleaner

Miss Michelle Pickering        Cleaner

Mrs. Susan Reid                   Cleaner



Lunchtime/Breakfast Welfare Staff:


Mrs. Margaret Doran            Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs. Victoria Hinton              Breakfast/Lunchtime Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Clare O'Malley              Lunchtime Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Lesley Murphy              Lunchtime Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Susan Reid                   Lunchtime Welfare Assistant

Mrs. Vi Wanyun                    Lunchtime Welfare Assistant