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Welcome to Class Two



Class Two Team

Class Teacher: Mrs. Armstrong

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Green

Teacher: Mr. Evans (Science)




Our topic for the summer term will be 'Out of this World'.




In English we will be will be learning about the different features of non-fiction books and focusing on information texts about the moon and space. We will read 'Man on the Moon' written by Simon Bartram. We will continue to develop our story writing skills by reading exciting stories based around the theme of 'Space’. We will continue to develop our spelling, grammar and punctuation skills throughout the term.


In Mathematics we will be developing our calculation skills. We will be learning how to divide two digit numbers using a variety of strategies and continuing to learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will also be learning about fractions and 2D and 3D shapes.


In Science we will be learning about plants and what they need to survive and thrive.


In History lessons we will be learning about Neil Armstrong, the 1969 moon landing and the history of space travel. In our second topic we will focus on Southport and will learn about the history of the town as a seaside resort.


In Geography lessons we will be investigating seasonal and daily weather patterns.


In Art we will look at the art work of Danny Flynn and will create space drawings using pencils, chalk and pastels. We will print to create texture using wallpaper, string, polystyrene etc.



In PE lessons we will developing our striking and fielding game skills and will learn how to play cricket and rounders.


In Music we will be listening to music related to the topic and using musical instruments to write our own space music compositions.


In Computing we will be developing our coding skills and reminding ourselves how to stay safe online.


Homework Timetable

Monday - Spelling and Reading

Tuesday - Spelling and Reading

Wednesday - Spelling and Reading

Thursday - Spelling and Reading

Friday - Spelling, Reading, English or Mathematics


The children will be tested on their spellings every Friday morning. After the spelling test we will write your child's score at the top of their spelling sheet and any incorrect spellings will be highlighted so you can continue to practise them at home.


Your child must have their book bag with their reading book and homework book in school with them everyday.


Swimming Lessons and P.E.

The children will take part in Swimming lessons every Tuesday until half term and P.E. lessons every Wednesday.


The children will need the following items for their swimming lessons:

  • Girls: a towel, a one-piece swimming costume and swimming cap.

  • Boys: a towel, swimming trunks (not shorts) and a swimming cap.


    The boys must wear proper swimming trunks for safety reasons: swimming shorts are not permitted in the pool. Girls are not allowed to wear earrings so please remove earrings at home to save them getting lost or avoid any difficulties removing them. All children must wear a cap. It would be much appreciated if girls could wear their hair in bobbles so they can be tucked inside the swimming cap easily. Children do not need arm bands or swimming goggles.


    Please ensure that they have their full kit in school throughout the term.



    Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Class Two team.