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Welcome to Nursery

Teacher – Miss Delamere

Teaching Assistants – Mrs. Wareing, Miss Riley, Miss O'Brien and Miss Kemp.



Welcome back, we hope that you all enjoyed a lovely Easter break. We are  looking forward to hearing the children’s Easter news at family worker time. Please remember to return your Home-School sharing books to aid the children in sharing their news.


Our topic for this term is 'Growth' and the children will be engaging in lots of activities linked to 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Soon we will be planting some magic beans sent to us by Jack. Later on in the term we will be learning about the life cycles of butterflies and frogs and searching for mini beasts.


In phonics our Nursery One children will be continuing with Phase One of Letters and Sounds. Nursery Two children will be embedding their learning of Phase One and moving on to Phase Two of Letters and Sounds. The letter sounds we are learning this term will be ‘u', ‘r', ‘h', ‘b', 'f' and ‘l'. Each week the letter we are learning will be displayed in the Nursery cloakroom along with the number of the week.


In Mathematics we are concentrating on numbers 1-20 - recognising them, putting them in order, counting objects and finding one more or one less than a given number. We are also looking at simple 2D and 3D shapes and their properties, exploring shapes in our environment and learning to use positional language.


Later on in the term we will be starting our transition visits to Reception to prepare them for starting school in September.


Uniform - Nursery uniform is a black or red sweater/cardigan with The Grange logo, yellow polo shirt and red or black jogging bottoms/leggings. Please can you ensure that all sweaters/cardigans have your child's name written inside them.


Please be aware that due to the nature of activities in Nursery summer dresses do not form part of Nursery uniform.


Home-school sharing books – Please remember to use our home-school sharing books. These are a great way of promoting and developing children's confidence when talking in our family worker groups.These books can be found as you enter the Nursery. They can be filled with weekend news, photographs, leaflets of places visited and drawings. 


Morning session – 8.50-11.30

Afternoon session – 12.30 – 3.00

Shape Hunt

Shape Hunt 1
Shape Hunt 2
Shape Hunt 3
Shape Hunt 4
Shape Hunt 5
Shape Hunt 6
Shape Hunt 7
Shape Hunt 8
Shape Hunt 9
Shape Hunt 10

Building a house for The Three Little Pigs

Making porridge

Making porridge 1
Making porridge 2
Making porridge 3
Making porridge 4

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs 1
The Three Little Pigs 2
The Three Little Pigs 3
The Three Little Pigs 4
The Three Little Pigs 5
The Three Little Pigs 6
The Three Little Pigs 7
The Three Little Pigs 8

Pumpkin Fun!

Pumpkin Fun! 1
Pumpkin Fun! 2
Pumpkin Fun! 3
Pumpkin Fun! 4
Pumpkin Fun! 5
Pumpkin Fun! 6
Pumpkin Fun! 7
Pumpkin Fun! 8

Messy Play

Messy Play 1
Messy Play 2
Messy Play 3
Messy Play 4

Autumn Hunt

Autumn Hunt 1
Autumn Hunt 2
Autumn Hunt 3
Autumn Hunt 4
Autumn Hunt 5
Autumn Hunt 6
Autumn Hunt 7
Autumn Hunt 8
Autumn Hunt 9
Autumn Hunt 10
Autumn Hunt 11
Autumn Hunt 12
Autumn Hunt 13
Autumn Hunt 14


Baking 1
Baking 2
Baking 3
Baking 4
Baking 5
Baking 6
Baking 7
Baking 8
Baking 9
Baking 10
Baking 11
Baking 12
Baking 13
Baking 14
Baking 15
Baking 16