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Class Four

Welcome back, we are looking forward to a great Summer Term.


Your teachers are:-


Mrs. Minton-Allen (Class Teacher)

Mrs. Jones (Teaching Assistant)

Mr. Evans (Teacher)

Miss Dilks (PE Teacher)




As always, we will be preparing children with the essential skills needed to succeed as they move towards upper juniors. It would be extremely beneficial, if in small bursts at home, children can be practising times tables up to 12, telling the correct time and counting simple change in coins. Practising little and often will consolidate learning and increase confidence.


Regular homework includes reading which is essential to improve fluency and increase their vocabulary. For our weekly spellings, we have been focusing on the applicable spelling rule.


Homework timetable:

Monday - Spellings & Reading

Tuesday - Spellings & Reading

Wednesday - Spellings & Reading

Thursday - Spellings & Reading

Friday - Spellings, Reading, Maths & English


Your English and Maths homework is given on a Friday and should be returned the following Wednesday. You will also receive your new spellings on a Monday with the previous spelling score. Please make sure these are completed nightly. Remember look, cover, say, write, check.



During the summer term, we will continue to develop our core knowledge in Mathematics through extending, using and applying our skills. A key focus this term will be multiplication. Children will secure their knowledge and understanding of mental and written skills in a variety of contexts. Linking mathematical learning to our topic we will estimate and calculate perimeters of Anglo-Saxon settlements.


Our class topic for the first term links together Anglo-Saxon life with the story of Beowulf. In English, we will explore this tale in detail and the original poem written in Old English set at the time of the Anglo-Saxons. We will orally rehearse and recite poetry, explore the characters, write diary entries and write our own adventure.


In Science, we will be working scientifically to explore animals and humans. Through scientific investigations we will explore the causes of tooth decay and investigate how the human digestive system works. We will explore a variety of food chains identifying producers, predators and prey.


In History, we will be learning about Anglo-Saxons and Scots; exploring Anglo-Saxon invasions, settlements, kingdoms, art and culture and how this has influenced life today.


In Geography, we will be developing our ordnance survey skills through map reading, learning how to read maps with a four-figure grid-reference. We will use fieldwork to observe, measure and record physical conditions in the local area through sketching, plans, maps and digital technologies. We will link fieldwork observations to scientific investigations of local animal habitats.


In Art, we will be exploring art and culture during Anglo-Saxon times and replicating artefacts such as Anglo-Saxon broaches and Anglo-Saxon settlements.


In Religious Education, we will be learning about Special books such as the Bible. We will also be learning about the religious beliefs of the Anglo-Saxons - how this impacted Great Britain.


In Music, we will be exploring beats and rhythm patterns through Djembe.


In Spanish, we will be expanding our Spanish vocabulary and learning new phrases.


This term P.E. will take place on a Monday afternoon with Miss Dilks as well as a Thursday afternoon with the Gymnastic Acadamy. The children will complete athletics on a Monday and gymnastics lessons on a Thursday. The children will need their full indoor and outdoor P.E. kits. After this half term, we will be returning to swimming on a Thursday afternoon.


Thank-you for your continued support - Year 4 Team