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Welcome to Reception Class



Reception Teachers: Mrs. Brady (Foundation Stage Leader)

 Mrs. Jones

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Doyle and Mrs Evans


Mrs Brady, Mrs Jones, Mrs Doyle and Mrs Evans would like to welcome all of our Reception children to The Grange Primary School.  This is where the adventure begins and we have been so excited to meet you all!  We are sure you will all settle really quickly into 'big school', enjoy many fabulous activities and learn about amazing things.


During the first weeks in school, our main focus will be to ensure that the children are settled and happy.  We will encourage them to explore the different areas within the classroom and get to know their new friends and teachers.  The children will also be given opportunities to tell us about themselves, their interests and their families, as well as showing us what they already know and can do.  We do have a very flexible topic of 'Ourselves' this half term but we quite often follow the individual interests of the children too when planning our activities.  As part of our 'Ourselves' topic, we will be learning about our five senses, talking about our families, thinking about when we were babies and exploring ways that we can look after our bodies and stay healthy.


Later on in the half term, children will begin to bring home individual 'Sound Books'.  These will be updated as we introduce each new sound so please send these in daily.  To further support your children with their sounds, you may find it useful to look at the 'Jolly Phonics' rhymes and actions on YouTube for each letter sound.  We will also send activity ideas and games home as appropriate throughout the year.  Reading books with words will be sent home once children are beginning to orally blend simple words.  Until then, children will take home books without words. These can be used to develop language as you talk about the pictures with your child, encouraging them to talk about what is happening and predicting what they think may happen next.  Visiting the library and reading stories at home will support the children hugely on their reading journey too!  Simple word ladders will be sent home to encourage children to begin blending sounds together or recognise some 'tricky words'.


What do the children need during their first weeks in school?

- Book bags to be brought in daily please

- PE kits to be fully labelled within PE pump bags

- Labelled wellies are needed for days when our outdoor area is muddy

- It really helps us if all items of uniform, including shoes, are labelled clearly.

- Shoes to have velcro fastenings please rather than laces.


Proud Clouds

We are delighted with the response we have had after sending home 'Proud Clouds' last year.  These will be sent home very soon for you to complete.  Please use these to inform us of any fantastic achievements that you have noticed at home.  It may be that your child has ridden a bike for the first time, they have helped at home or they have counted to 20 for the first time.  We love to hear about your child's achievements!  We always read 'Proud Clouds' out at carpet time and display them afterwards.  If you need any more clouds, they are available from the corridor on the 'Proud Clouds' display.


Home Time

End of day dismissal in Reception Class is an extremely busy time.  We would really appreciate your patience during this time especially as we are getting to know all of the parents, carers, grandparents etc that may come to collect the children.  We initially open our doors at 2.50pm, earlier than the rest of the school, to allow for the extra time that it takes during those early weeks.  It really helps us if parents stand away from the double doors when we dismiss the children.  This ensures that they have a clear view of whoever is collecting them and parents can see their children leave the classroom too.  If you need to speak to a member of staff after school, please wait until all children have been dismissed.  If anyone new is coming to collect your child please ensure that we are told about this in advance. The procedures that we have in place are for the safety of the children and we thank you for your patience.



We look forward to getting to know all of our new families and thank you so much for all of your anticipated support this year.